What Does One Check Mark Mean in Whatsapp?

What Is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is undoubtedly an effective platform for communication. Billions of people are using whatsapp, and many days are becoming part of this platform. Its popularity is due to the features it provides to its clients. Sending messages, pictures, videos and files have always been challenging. Now a person living far away is just one click away.

Among various features, one of the biggest advantages of simple texting is that you can check whether another person has received your message. Whatsapp also has this default setting: double-tick or single-tick the chat if a person has received or read it. Many of the users need to learn about this default setting.

So in this article, we will cover what a single tick means on WhatsApp. So let’s begin.

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Tick Icon

As a whatsapp user, you must know that different tick icons show. Like

  • Single gray tick
  • Double gray tick
  • Double blue tick

A double gray tick is a received receipt, while double blue ticks indicate reading. So what does a single tick indicate?

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Single Tick

Suppose a person sends a file or video, or text via whatsapp. If that person has a stable internet connection, the message will be sent to the person, and whatsapp will mark it with a single tick. You surely have noticed it.

What Does Single Tick In-Group Chat Means?


This single tick means that message has been sent from your side, but another person has yet to receive it. When the receiver receives a message, the single tick will convert to a double tick.

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What Does Single Tick In-Group Chat Means?

A single tick in group chat doesn’t feel different. The group text remained single-tickled until all the participants received it. Once all the group members have received a message, it will show as a double-check and turn blue when they have read it.

What Does Single Tick In-Group Chat Means?

Whatsapp gained popularity because of its features. It is a perfect example of developing a product according to customers’ needs. Therefore, every feature of whatsapp is useful and convenient.

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If someone blocked you, can you still see a single tick?

Yes, the message is sent by you, and a double tick indicates that your message has been sent, but the other person didn’t receive it. So it is not affected if someone blocks you.

What does a double gray tick mean?

It is a receipt received from Whatsapp. It will let you know that the message has been received but has yet to be read.

Can you turn off the read receipt?

Whatsapp allows you to hide that you have read or seen the message. You can turn the read receipt features off by going to privacy and tapping on the toggle option. But keep this thing in mind it will not turn off for group chats.