How To Use Whatsapp on Multiple Devices?

WhatsApp Introduction:

Whatsapp is an instant messaging tool that is helping people globally to connect with their loved one. You can not only text but also share videos, audios, pictures, GIFs and many other things via this platform. Multiple features of whatsapp allows you to use it efficiently. Developer keeps the user interface simple therefore, convenient to apprehend by the users.

One of the features of whatsapp is that it allows you to connect with multiple devices. You can open your account on multiple devices and it does not need your mobile device to have an internet connection. Whatsapp keeps on updating the beta version of this application that helps users to connect tehri devices like android tablet to their smartphone.

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If you are trying to understand how you can use this feature you are in the right place. In this article we will explain how to use your whatsapp on multiple devices.

Use whatsapp on multiple devices

How To Log in Your Whatsapp on Your PC

Whatsapp updated version gives you the permission to link your mobile whatsapp with your PC or laptop. Maximum 5 devices can connect at one time with end to end encryption. You can connect with your PCs and laptops and other web-containing devices through your primary device. And once connected it is not necessary to have the internet connection on your primary device. You will keep login on your Web whatsapp for 14 days. After 14 days if your mobile does not connect to the internet the web whatsapp automatically logs out. Let’s look into how you can log in your whatsapp on PC.

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Steps To Connect Devices

  • First of all search for whatsapp web on the device you want to connect with whatsapp. For example search “whatsapp web”on your PC then open it
  • The screen will display a QR code
  • Now open whatsapp’s latest version on your mobile phone
  • Tap on the menu option and tap on the “Linked Devices”

use whatsapp on different devices

  • Verify your identity by fingerprint scan or by drawing pattern or password
  • The scanner camera will open
  • Scan the QR code given on your PC and that’s it after scanning the code your desktop will connect to the whatsapp.

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Features That Are Not Supported on Linked Devices

  • The features that are not available on Desktop whatsapp are
  • You can’t make call on linked devices
  • You can not share live location from linked devices
  • No broadcast list create and view
  • And if you are using an iphone you can not delete chats from the linked device.

These are few drawbacks but the benefits are more appealing. The link device option allows users to view their message on the device they are working on without hesitation of using mobile repeatedly.

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Can Android table connect with the primary device?

Yes, in the beta version of whatsapp users can connect their tablets with their smartphone and use whatsapp on them.

How to log out from linked devices?

Simply go to Linked Device and then tap on the device from where you want to log out. When you click on it it will reconfirm your choice. Then clock on log out and your devices will disconnect

If you download a file on your web whatsapp does it also download on your primary device?

No, if you download the file in a link device then it will only download on that device. You have to download it again on your primary device.