How To Stop Whatsapp From Saving Photos? Easy Hack!

Whatsapp Introduction:

The meta-owned company is becoming popular day by day. More than sixty billion messages are sent every day through this platform. Billions of users are part of this platform, and more are joining it daily. Its massive popularity is its ability to send messages containing text. So you can share videos, audio, and other media types through whatsapp.

When someone shares photos and videos with you, it is automatically downloaded by WhatsApp and saved to your gallery. This option is good, but it might irritate you as it allows irrelevant media saving, which consumes too much space for your mobile phone. For example, when everyone is sharing their gathering photos in a group, you sure only want to save them if you are not in it or an irrelevant post is of no interest to you.

Sooner or later, you must clean up your phone manually, which is hectic. So to cope with saving unneeded photos, whatsapp introduced a feature to turn off the automatic download of pictures. The option is available as the name of media visibility.

In this article, we will see how you can stop saving photos using this feature of whatsapp.

Steps to Stop Media Saving to Gallery

So here are two things: either you want to stop saving photos from all groups and chats or limit some specific chats or groups.

1:Media Visibility Turn Off For all Chats.

To turn off photo saving from all chats, follow the given steps

  • Go to the menu by clicking three dots on the screen
  • Click on setting

Media Visibility Turn Off


  • Tap on the chat option and then toggle off the media visibility

2:To Stop Downloading Photos From Specific Chats.

If you want to stop media downloads from a particular chat or group, then here are the steps

  • Click on the chat or group.
  • Then tap on the name to open the menu.
  • Scroll down, and you’ll see the media visibility option.

hide photos from gallery

  • Tap on it. It will give you three options. Default, yes or No. Click on No. And photos from that chat or group will not save to your library.
  • If you are more interested to get variety of options while using the app, you can install gb whatsapp on your phone to configure your application to the best privacy options.

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Does media visibility only stop photos from downloading on your phone?

No, it will block every type of media from downloading to your gallery.

Does it notify other people that you haven’t seen their photos?

Suppose you have seen the message but have yet to download it. It will only notify you that you have received and seen a message. The sender will only know if you have downloaded it.

What is the default option is media visibility?

The default option is what whatsapp has already set for you. And if you press default in media visibility, you allow media like photos, videos, and audio to save on your phone.


In conclusion, whatsapp is serving its users in true meaning. You can customize settings on whatsapp and enjoy your complete privacy and freedom here. Media sharing is not a problem through this platform, and saving the media of your interest is super easy. So try this method and stop unwanted photos from burdening your gallery.