How to Share Live Location on Whatsapp?

What Is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is one of the most used apps, and its popularity is increasing daily. Multiple features are the reason why it attracts most people. And above all, it continues to introduce more to Improve user experience. Sharing is a top-notch feature. You can share multiple things like pictures, videos, audio, different files and even your location.

Live location-sharing features likewise serve its users more effectively. Most users need to learn about this feature, so in this article, we will give you a complete guide on how to use this feature effectively and what this feature does.

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Few Words About Live Location

Sometimes you want your friend or someone to reach you, but you need help to make them understand your address. Whatsapp makes it easy for you by introducing this location-sharing feature. You can share your current location with any person, which makes it easy for them to reach you.

Live location sharing

Your location remains visible to them unless you turn on your location and allows whatsapp to share your location. Once you turn off this sharing option, you still appear at the place where you were before turning off the location, and it will make you appear static.

How To Turn on Live Location?

Let’s move forward and see how you can use this feature. Follow the given steps.

  • Open Whatsapp and select the person you want to share your location with. 2. Then go to the text bar and tap on the attachment
  • A menu will display where you will see several options like gallery, camera, document, audio,
  • Contact and location. From here, tap on location 4. Whatsapp will ask you permission to enable the GPS of your phone

Sharing live location in whatsapp

  • Allow and then a screen to appear that asks you to share live location or current location
  • Click on share live location
  • Then add a comment if you want to and then send

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How To Stop Sharing Your Live Location

If you want to stop sharing your live location on your Whatsapp  then just you should follow these instaructions .

  • Once you share the live location, you can turn it off by following the guide.
  • Select open the specific chat or group.
  • Then tap on stop sharing the live location, and that’s all you need to do.

Additionally, your location will still be used by whatsapp if you don’t disable the permission to whatsapp. Cancel sharing location permission by going to the phone setting apps >apps management > open whatsapp permission and then choose from the option whether you want to allow WhatsApp to use your location while using WhatsApp or completely disable WhatsApp to use your location.

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Is there any location-sharing option other than live location?

Yes, you can send your current location, which only shares your current place.

How does whatsapp track you?

WhatsApp server connects to the GPS of your phone. That’s why it asks you to enable GPS before using the live location feature. Then it tracks you and shares your location.

Does WhatsApp share your location with third parties?

Whatsapp data is end-to-end encrypted. It respects the user’s privacy and doesn’t sell data apart from the reasons given in the user’s agreement.