How To Send Whatsapp Media Without Losing Quality?

What Is Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has become the most important means of communication. You cannot connect over text through the platform but send audio, videos, photos, and GIFs and make audio and video calls. You can share your photos and audio, but the problem is that sending photos via whatsapp will disturb your photo quality. It isn’t very reassuring for users.

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In this article, we will address this problem and tell you how you can send your photos through whatsapp without disturbing their quality. So let’s begin.

Ways To Send Without Losing Their Quality

Here are some ways by which you can send photos without losing their quality

  1. By sending them in documents
  2. Convert to zip and then send it
  3. Upload photo to drive and then send it

We will go through each of the ways in detail and will see how to send photos using these ways.

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1:Send in Documents

WhatsApp has this feature to send your photos in document form. When you convert your photos to document form, the quality of the photo will not affect. Although it requires more MBs and s[ace, it secures the right quality. Follow the given guide to send your photo in the document.

  • Open the whatsapp’s chat to which you want to send the photos
  • Then click on the attachment icon on the writing pad of the chat.
  • Click on the document

send pictures in documents

  • It will lead you to the file manager of your phone.
  • The selected photo you want to send in the form of the doc
  • Then press send. Whatsapp automatically converts the photos into doc form and sends them to the recipient.

If you choose this method, it may take a little longer to send the picture because of the site of the images, so be quick.

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2:Convert to Zip File

Another efficient method to send multiple pics without disturbing their quality is using Zip documents.Select multiple images and make a zip folder either through your phone or install a third-party application and then create a folder. Then send the folder to others. It will retain the quality of your photos.

3:Share The Drive Link

If you want to retain the quality of images, you can also go for this method. First, upload your pictures to google drive and then generate a link. Copy this link and send it to the person you want to share the images with. Keep in mind to give access to only the person you want to share your images with. On google drive, the quality is not compromised. And you can share the link via whatsapp.

These above methods are efficient and work best for everyone. The size and quality are not disturbed, and you can get the same media.

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How to send the images from iphone to android without compromising their quality?

If you want to send the image of the iphone to android as it is, try sending them in document form.

How many images can you share at one time?

Only 30 images can be shared at one time.

Is there any other way to send photos without compression?

If You convert your photos to PNG or JPEG, then Whatsapp will overlook it and send this without compression.