How To Send Long Videos On Whatsapp?

Whatsapp has multiple features that attract users, but it too has limitations. For example, you can only share a file up to 16 Mb on whatsapp. More than 30 pictures can not be sent at once, and a video over 3 minutes is difficult to send. So how can you share such media, especially long videos, on whatsapp? You will get your answer here in this article. Continue reading this article to find out ways to send long video files.

Ways To Send Long Video

There are some ways that you can send a video greater than 30 sec or larger than 25 Mb via whatsapp

  1. Compress size
  2. Use the google drive link
  3. Through GB whatsapp

1:Compress Video Size Using The Online Tools

So if you have a video of a greater size, you can compare it online. Different tools are available online and on the google play store that can easily compress a video to your requirement. The best video compressor on the google play store is the Panda Video compressor.

Just install the app, select the video and click next. Select how much compression you want and the compress. Here you are with a compressed video of your requirement for whatsapp.

compressing video online

You can do it online if you don’t want to install any application. They are easy to use and support multiple file formats. You have to open the link and upload your video. Select the compression size, and then you are done.

2:Through GB Whatsapp

You know that many mod versions of WhatsApp are available, and they have some additional features like high privacy, anti-blocking, anti-revoke options and many more. One such feature is that on GB WhatsApp, the media send restriction has been removed.

remove media restriction

You can edit multiple pictures, files greater than 16 MB, and longer videos without losing their quality through GBWA. Please install the latest version of the GB Whatsapp APK through our website and enjoy its additional features.

3:By Using Google Drive

If you want to send a large video without compression so that its quality is not compromised, try google drive. You have to upload a file on google drive and share the link . how can you see the given steps

  • Go to your google drive and then click on the plus icon
  • Tap on the video file to upload on the drive, then tap on the three dots that open the menu. Select Generate link

generate drive link

  • Click on copy link option and then open your whatsapp
  • Click on the chat you want to share the video with.
  • Paste the link on the writing pad and then send it.


Keep in mind to give access to the receiver to view your video; otherwise, another person cannot open it. So this is how you can send long videos without any hampering on whatsapp.

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What is the size of the document that you can send on whatsapp?

The maximum size of a document you can send via Whatsapp is 100 MB, and the file is 16 MB.

What is the maximum video size that can be used over WhatsApp?

It usually depends on video quality. The higher the video quality, the lesser the size will be. You can send videos of a maximum of 90 seconds via WhatsApp.

What is the best application for a video compressor?

Some video compressor applications like Vidcompact, Panda resizer, and YouCut are top applications for compressing videos for WhatsApp.