How To Hide Chats in Whatsapp? Exciting Trick!

Whatsapp Introduction:

Whatsapp is the most famous application used by millions around the world for online communication. It provides multiple features but the feature that concerns the user is privacy. People like to keep their chats, so they demand hiding and archiving options from the developer. 

In this article, we will look in detail at how you can hide some chats on whatsapp with different methods. So let’s begin.

Ways To Hide Chat On Whatsapp

  1. By using the archive option
  2. Hide chats by locking the application
  3. Third-party application 
  4. By Installing the mods version

These are some ways to keep your chats private. Now I will talk about each of them one by one.

1:Archive The Chat

An archive option is available in GB Whatsapp APK that helps you to hide unwanted or private chats. To hide your chats in the archive folder, follow the given steps

  • Open the whatsapp application and long-press the chat you want to hide
  • Then you will see an archive option in the top right corner. 
  • Tap it, and an archive folder will be created, and that chat will go into that folder.
  • Same for the multiple chats, select them and tap on the archive symbol. In this way, you can hide multiple chats on your whatsapp.

Another interesting thing you can do is Archive the whole chat on whatsapp. To do this, go to settings, then to chats and head to the chats history and hit the Archive all chats option.

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2:Hide Chats Without Archiving

You can also hide chats without archiving them. How? By locking your whatsapp. Follow the given steps for this purpose.

  • Go to the setting by hitting three-dot at the corner of your screen.
  • Head to the account ad ten tap the privacy option.
  • Scroll down to the end of the screen, and you will find the fingerprint lock. Could you turn it on?
  • Now, whenever you open whatsapp, it will demand fingerprint confirmation to open it. So it is a way you can hide your chats. 

3:Third-Party Application

Some third-party applications are available that help you to hide particular chats from your phone. Open the play store and search for them. You will get plenty of them. Install any of them and follow the guide to hide your chats.

  • Set a password 
  • Then it will show you the PPS on your phone
  • Toggle the app I want to hide and when you turn on the application, you have to give a passcode.

4.By Installing The MODs.

One way to hide your chats, status, last seen and typing, etc., you can install the modified version of whatsapp, which you can find on our website. One example is GB Whatsapp Latest Version Download 2023. It provides you with extra features that GB provides.

Once you install any of the mods, log in to your account and go to settings. There go to privacy, and you will have additional privacy features. Other than this tab on the three dots on the top right corner in the mod version, you will see an option as Hide.

Select the chats and then clock on the Hide option. Set a pattern. Then your chosen chats will be hidden in a folder that will be locked, and only you can open them.

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Can you keep the chat hidden?

Yes, you can keep the archived hidden. Go to the chats through settings, then turn on the archived chat, and you will not receive any notifications or messages from that chat.

Do you receive a notification when the chat is archived?

Not when the chat is archived, you will not receive any notification.

What is another way to hide the chat?

Other than these methods, you can also use an in-built mobile app security system to lock whatsapp and thus, you can make your whole application hide.