How To Create Whatsapp Group Chats?

WhatsApp Introduction:

Communication was more challenging than now. Many applications are available now, but the most effective and widely used is Whatsapp. With many features and updates, whatsapp has become the need of everyone. Apart from informal communication, the platform is also used by professionals for formal communication. 

The meta-owned company always prioritizes the user intent. Whatsapp has this feature: you can text others in person and start a group chat. You are familiar with in-person texting, but what is the group chat feature in WhatsApp? Group chatting is so interesting.

At one time, you can communicate with multiple people with this feature and share your thoughts, feelings and media. Make a group with your old school buddies or join a group of knowledgeable people or any of your interests and invite different people. You can add 1024 people to a group.

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In this article, we will discuss how to create a whatsapp group and what essential group setting WhatsApp provides.

creat whatsapp group

Guide to Creating Whatsapp Group

Follow the given step to make a whatsapp group 

  • Open Whatsapp and tap on the three-dot at the top right corner.
  • Then go to the new group option in this menu. Click on it. It will let you select the contacts you want to add to the group. 

Guide to Creating Whatsapp Group

  • Select eh contacts and click on the green tick arrow after you select the contact
  • Give the group a name and write about the group in the subject. You can add the subject of a maximum of 25 words, including emojis.
  • Select the group icon by pressing on add group icon option. Then select the icon from the gallery or take a photo. This icon will show what the group is about.
  • Then hit the green button once you are done editing the group information.

Guide to Creating Whatsapp Group

Now you have successfully created the group and now you are admin.

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Essential Settings For Group Chats

Here are some essential settings for the group chats.

  • Select Group Admin

After creating a group, you can give multiple people the authority to manage the group by making them an admin.

  • Send Message

Send message opition in a group setting helps you to choose who can participate in group chatting. Whether you want the members to chat freely with each other, you set them to “only admin” so only the authorized person would send the messages in that group.

  • Group Info

This option allows you to change the group setting. You can also allow others to change the group info, icon, description etc., from this feature. Again choose between only the admin and other participants.

  • Share Link

You can invite different people to join your group. It looks appealing as the link is usually generated to ask permission to add them to the group. To generate th link, follow the given step

1: Click on the menu option of you Whatsapp , as shown by the group’s three dots at the top right corner.

2: Tap on the group info and then scroll down to the section for participants.

3: Click on “invite to the group via link”, which will generate an link

invite to the group via link

4: Then you can share the link in another group or personally. After selling the contacts and another group, press send. 

Keep in mind, when you share the link, anyone having the link can join your whatsapp chat without admin permission; therefore, be careful to whom you share the link.

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What is the disappearing message feature?

The disappearing message feature is the private option n which the message will automatically remove from the chat after a selected time.

Is there any new feature added recently in a group chat?

Yes, the “View Past Participant” option is the new feature added to help you see who was there in the past.

How can you make everyone stop messaging or sharing anything in a group?

You can stop everyone by allowing “by admin” to send a message. One has to ask admins permission to share something in a group.