How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp?

What Is Whatsapp ?

Whatsapp is one of the most popular apps used for online communication. Its popularity continues to increase day by day as each day many people join it. Whatsapp offers you many features that help you enjoy your communication.

You can send text and share audio, videos, pictures, and GIFs easily and quickly. People worldwide trust whatsapp as it uses an end-to-end encryption feature that provides users the complete security to send their private data.

Anyone can send your text or other media if they have your phone number, which is saved as a user ID on the whatsapp server. It is frustrating for users that some unknown person sends them messages without permission. That’s why Whatsapp has reserved a block option where you can cut off communication with some unwanted person.

But how would you know if someone blocked you? You can find the answer to this question by reading this article. So let’s begin.

Ways to Know That You Are Blocked

So we must extract some sign or way to confirm that someone has blocked you. They are:

  • Observe double tick (sent check)
  • See last seen
  • Can not make calls
  • No profile photo
  • Can not add that contact to the group

Check all these and then tick all. If you observe all five, then it is a sure thing that you are blocked.

1:Observe Double Tick

As you know, if the message is sent from your side, it is represented by a single tick, and the double tick indicates the message as received and delivered.

whatsapp double ticks

But when a contact is blocked, only you would see a single tick. This is a clear indication, but you should still observe the remaining.

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2:See Last Seen

Check for the last seen of the person. Last seen show he te when a person gets online. But the blocked contacts can’t see the last see of the contact by which they get blocked.

whatsapp last seen

But it would help if you did not rely on this as some users might use the privacy option for hiding their last seen.

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3:Check Profile photo

While chatting, if you can see the contact profile photo, but suddenly it disappears, it can indicate that the person has blocked you. Again, it is unnecessary. They might have removed their profile photo.

whatsapp profile

But if you can’t see the last seen, have any double ticks for a long time, and have no profile photo, then it is 90% surety that the other person blocks you.

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4:Unable to Make Calls

As you know, you can make calls via whatsapp. But if you can’t make a call, then there may be two reason

  • Either you are blocked
  • or the person is offline

Again you can not be sure about this single point, but if you observe the above points, you are surely being blocked.

5:Can’t Add The Contact To The Group

You can’t add a person to any group if they restrict you. Only the person with this setting that can be added to the group can be added to any. But if a contact is blocking you or if that contact is on strict privacy option, you can not add them in groups.

If you check all these ways and find that all of them are true, be sure that you were blocked

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What is the spam option?

Spam is an unwanted text from some person. Or it is an unsolicited message sent in bulk.

If you are blocked on whatsapp, does this make you blocked on SIM too?

No, there is no link between whatsapp and SIM. If you are blocked on whatsapp, you only block from this app, not from SIM.

How to unblock a contact?

Go to settings, then privacy, then to a blocked contact. Click on the contact and tap on unblock. Or you go to chat with that contact and tap to unblock.