How Do You Add Someone To a Whatsapp Group?

Whatsapp Groups:

Whatsapp is a trendy application for sending messages and sharing pictures, videos, audio, gifs, and other files. It is a source of connection between different people around the world. You can connect with your friends and family via whatsapp easily. All you need is their contact info and a stable internet connection. Another interesting thing about whatsapp is that it does not require a high-speed internet connection. So it is a convenient, handy, and must-have application for all.

As you know, group chatting is the main feature of whatsapp. You can create a group where you can add relevant people and enjoy your conversion. These groups may be for study, business, or a friendly chit-chat group.

So if you create a group, WhatsApp ask you whom you want to add to that Group by giving you the contact option but what if you want to add someone afterwards? To get the answer to this question, read this article. Here we will explain how you can add someone to a whatsapp group. So let’s begin.

Steps To Add Someone To The Whatsapp Group

So here is the basic guide to add someone to the WhatsApp Group:

  • Open the WhatsApp Group first
  • Then click on the three dots in the top right corner and select group info
  • Scroll down the Group’s contact list and see the “Add participant” option. Click on it.

add whatsapp group member

  • Then select the contact you want to add to the Group
  • When you are done selecting, hit on the green mark. Then the contact will add to that Group.

It is how you add someone to a group. If you want to remove someone, the procedure is the same: go to group info, then long-press the contact you want to remove. Options will appear. Tap on remove.

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How many participants can add to one whatsapp Group?

More than 1024 contacts can be added to one Group. You can invite this many participants for group chat.

How to send invites to a group?

To invite people to join your whatsapp group. Go to group info and scroll down to “invite via Link.” It will generate a link you can send to different people and ask them to join your Group.

Can you add any contact without their permission?

Yes, unless the contact does not use a privacy option, you can add any contact. But if they restrict the adding option, you have to ask them separately to join your Group via link.